10 places I want to visit before I say bye..

  1. Italy...nothing beats the valleys of Tuscany and the aroma of freshly baked pizza, authentic Italian style..delizioso!
  2. Goa...watching this cocoon of a haven on so many travel channels and hearing tales from friends and family has really garnered much of my interest and curiosity about Goa. White sandy beaches, Goan cuisine, hippies and street-vendors selling trinkets..all to my liking.
  3. Calcutta. The place from which my mum hails from.. and the Bengali in me wishes to connect with the sweeter side of Bangla food - Ladi-keni, Pantua, Mishti Doi..and the one street food that I still am very much waiting with baited breath to taste - Puchka. Oh, yes..also visit Victoria Memorial and Chinatown.
  4. The Nature...no, I don't mean some lake-side hotel that passes by for some sub-standard resort..I really mean NATURE. The western Ghats in all its glory, tea and coffee plantations, waterfalls, grooves and untouched islands...where one can actually unwind.
  5. Bangalore..the city of my childhood. I already visited it and my colony was a sorry sight to watch, with too much congestion and cramped apartments..A lot has changed within a lapse of 10-15 yrs..But its a shopper's paradise..so that's a good thing, right?
  6. The Taj...Mahal, that is...not the hotel. Living in India, not having seen the symbol of love and one of the only living wonders of the world, at-least once in a lifetime, is very much stupid. 
  7. Kerala...the back waters of kerala..
  8. A dhaba... I know that it tastes good. The last time I tasted really good dhaba food was in school when most of my "vegetarian" friends ditched me when I wanted to taste egg-curry..It was all worth it!
  9. Fiji...Mauritius..you know what I mean.
  10. The U.S of America...basically coz I want to taste all that yummy food they keep showing on TLC..and of course, to visit the Smithsonian (naaaah...just kiddin). I mean the amusement parks.
You probably think that I am all about the food. Yeah, you're right...partly. (when in Rome, be like a Roman..or something like that). Its also about experiencing the feel of the place. I may not be a huge fan of travelling..but I love the destination nonetheless. Exploring new places is like watching a movie..you go to the movies for - 1) escaping reality for a couple of hours. 2) for entertainment and fun. and finally, 3) to be part of  something new. Now, it may not necessarily be a good movie..you don't know it until you pop into the theatre and have shelled 50 bucks for it. But its an experience full of memories. Just like exploring places..with the people you love, you knit wonderful memories with the experiences you share there.. something to smile about in about 50 yrs from now.

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